Ogra Fianna FailFounded in 1975 as the youth wing of Fianna Fáil The Republican Party, membership of Ógra is open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 30 inclusive, either in higher education institutions or in any constituency around the island of Ireland.

Ógra allows young people the opportunity to get involved in real politics and engage in real political activity.  That is the central role of Ógra and it is important to remember that. Political activities, campaigning, lobbying and promoting our policies are our core roles, Socialising is important too but we need to stay focused on achieving our political aims. Members are actively involved in debating and developing policy on a range of local, national, European and international issues and campaigning on issues that affect young people and their local communities.

Many members of the current Parliamentary Party began their political involvement in Ógra and are a strong testament to Ógra’s role in encouraging active participation of young people at all levels of the Fianna Fáil Party and in public life. Members have also held key positions in student politics across the country and been leaders in their communities and local groups.

Social and political activities are important in Ógra and the National Youth Conference and Summer School, which take place every year, as well as many other national, regional and local events, are exciting and interesting both politically and socially.

It was visionary, idealistic and committed young people who founded Fianna Fáil, under the leadership of Eamon de Valera in 1926. What followed was a momentous national movement encompassing the ideals of a united Ireland, social and economic advancement and equal opportunities.

The next decade will present many more challenges for Ógra, but that is what Ógra is all about: meeting challenges. The vibrancy and enthusiasm of youth is a unique thing that should be cherished and used to its full potential. Ógra will continue to play a defining role in the future of Ireland’s largest political party and in shaping the Ireland we want to live in. To read more about Ógra Fianna Fail, click here